Things I Like In The Context of Literally Anything Other Than Where I Sleep

There are many, many things I find myself liking in new places

Interesting and new species

Interesting and new nocturnal species

Interesting and new species of wolf spider…?

The size of a silver dollar

An individual of which is camping out beneath the pile of crumpled field clothes I had strewn on the floor

Thus causing me to question wildly whether the spider came upon the clothes


Was in them the whole time


(Chicken or egg? Spider found your clothes or is living in them (on you)?)

Trying to remove said spider

It jumps, I jump, and I smash it in my panic

because while I’m an environmentalist I’m also a pragmatist

(I’m sorry, dead spider friend, but if you’d been outside this wouldn’t have happened to you)

Going to dinner and forgetting about poor departed spider friend

(I never said I was warm hearted)

(Neither are spiders though)

(They don’t have blood)

Staying in the lab late

Walking back to my room (late)

Discovering another spider IN my bed


Discovering that during the space of a blink, second spider friend is gone

But hey! Look! A third spider is there, by the head of the mattress! Just out of reach!

(Oh shit. They probably know about dead spider friend.  Hey, guys!   No hard feelings?)

Going to brush my teeth, because what else is there to do?

It’s midnight and I’ve been invited to the spider party

Semi-related: remember how I like nocturnal species?

Not when they’re bats flying at me in the bathroom

Retreat! Retreat! Back to my room


Both spiders are gone.

Goodnight, Kenya.